Learning your notes the Choral Society way

Midi learning files are available on Wimbledon Choral Society’s site here. Left-click where it says Click here and they will play. Better to Right-click to download and save them in a new folder which you name ‘Learn Brahms’. You will have the following files.

  • 1. Selig sind, die da Leid tragen (brmsreq1.mid)
    Blessed are they that mourn
    2. Denn alles Fleisch (brmsreq2.mid)
    Behold, all flesh is as the grass
    3. Herr, lehre doch mich (brmsreq3.mid)
    Lord, let me know mine end 
    4. Wie lieblich (brmsre4.mid)
    How lovely are Thy dwellings
  • 5. Ihr habt nun Traurigkeit (brmsreq5.mid)
    Ye now have sorrow 
    6. Denn wir haben (brmsreq6.mid)
    For we have here no abiding city
    7. Selig sind die Toten (brmsreq7.mid)
    Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord

How to play the music.

There are two ways I would suggest.

1. Windows Media Player. If you double-click on the midi file name, it will open with your default media player. In most cases this will be Windows Media Player. If you have the latest edition, it is reasonably versatile. For full instructions on how to use the various functions, click here to open in another window.

2. MidiPlay. This is my recommendation. This is a really first class program and it is free.
To find it click here. Accept the ‘Save As’ option. Double-click on the saved program and it will open.
(I have scanned this for viruses so it is safe to run.) You will see the following -


1. Click File>Open. Select the *.mid file from the Learn Brahms folder. You should find your voice listed in Track Names in the next picture 2


2. Double-click on the Voice (not the Play button). I've selected Tenor. Your line will open in the correct stave. See 3.


3. Clicking Play opens the Control Panel in the next picture on the right. The slider left of the stave changes the volume relative to other parts.



4. Usual play, stop, pause, rewind controls but you can also change the relative tempo to slow down the difficult bits. Note the Bar No.


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